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Facility: Plymouth CrossFit Lower Town 9145 General Ct., Plymouth, MI 48170
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You do not need to be in good shape to start. This program is designed for beginners!

What is PCFLT?

Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town is more than a place to exercise. It’s a community; a place where members become more than familiar faces. It’s a place where members become friends outside the gym walls. A network of friends and helping hands becomes the everyday norm. It’s a place where people don’t feel vulnerable while trying something new because they will be encouraged by everyone regardless. At Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town, the last person to finish gets the most cheers!

At Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town you will start out in a safe one on one environment with your coach who will know you personally and guide you each step along the way. Once you are able to show mechanics and consistency in the movements taught to you, we will move you in to group classes.

All of this to say, we want you to be the healthiest you have ever been …..for life!

Here's What Members Are Saying!

Workouts push me too the limit every time. Everyone is pushing 110%. Love the super jacked workout. Feel the burn for 2 days. Works perfect for my busy schedule.
The personalities of the members of this gym are what make it special. My coaches encourage me to challenge myself. They also politely make sure I practice with in my own physical limitations. There is always someone faster than you. There is always someone stronger than you. There is always someone more flexible than you. So what. Lowertown members embrace everyone. We learn from each other.

At Plymouth Crossfit Lower Town you will not find rows of elliptical machines or other stationary bikes or weight machines. Instead, you will find an open space to run, jump, squat, and lift, filled with pull-up bars, kettle-bells, barbells, and dumbbells. Workouts are comprised of exercises that mimic movements performed in day-to-day life like sitting (squat), picking things up (dead-lift), lifting things up overhead (pressing).
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